Glimpses of Me By Ercy Mirage


Dedicated to A.M.W.

A complex compilation of sounds intertwined with modern Techno/Tech-house heavy basslines and rumbling percussions peaking in decibels. Glimpses of nights out deep in the N.Y.C. after-hours nightlife. Deep-House inspired and infused tech that ascends to a heavy afro-like vibes that embodies this whole album. Mesmerizing vocals performed by talented Maria, aka ‘Zoya’ accompanied by throbbing 808’s that make you skip a beat.

Deep Spanish Guitar riffs ripping through the D.A.W. limiter trying to hold back the mighty plucks fashioned together to depict a desert-like-mirage and in between it all, finding hope within all the chaos of life.

Intuitive audio development, deployed Studio Engineer, Grammy Winner, Maxine Morin, to add his final touch on the tracks. Amongst the group, singer-songwriter, Anisa H, helped write the way to some of the lucid, dreamy, vocals that dominate this album.

Glimpses of Time & Space,

Memories of us while we were all together.

I miss the way we used to all get along.

Letters to the universe.

Glimpses into our minds.

Glimpses of We.

With Love,

P.S. We did ittt G